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Woodwork Media Group founded in 2016 is a Record Label and Content Powerhouse providing Artist Services, Artist Management, Music Distribution, Music Publishing, Content Creation, Partnerships, and Collaborations.

We dedicate ourselves to premium quality standards and are happy to have partnered alongside Sony Music Entertainment, LaModa, Artist Rack, Paradigm Agency, The Orchard Music, Live Nation Entertainment, Ruff Ryders, Airbnb, Spotify, Apple Music, A$AP Mob, Samantina Zenon, and many more brands, influencers, and artists.

We are always interested in growth and new talent to connect you with the source you need for taking your ideas to the next level. Please feel free to email us and submit your inquiry through the contact sheet here.

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⭑ Spotlight ⭑



chris padin georgia rose losing my mind

Kemi$try - "Make It Jump Sis"


" A club banger that will bring the turn up alive ! "

chris padin georgia rose losing my mind spotify


Kemi$try is a Recording Artist, Author, and Actress based out of Tennessee with a catalogue that will turn up any club scene. She has a memorable sound that can shake a room and entice the audience. From her vocal delivery to her musical aesthetic, there is a fountain of talent to inspire and engage the listener looking for an energetic uplift.

Your speakers are sure to send waves when her sound hits your ears. Her affinity for creating mesmerizing visuals and her raw authentic sound have been covered by many music sources as she makes a breakout onto the scene. Her most recent releases include - " I Got That Fire " , "Get It Like Russell ". She continues to embrace her hometown roots and inspirations from her grandmother as source motivation to create her standout vibes and multi-faceted career.

Kemi$try is revving up for plenty of new material across the board with a big push for new music this year and upcoming. She is sure to catch your attention from audio to visual, and has been open to collaborations.



The hit single "Make It Jump Sis" by Kemi$try sets the perfect vibe for a turn up. Each bar reveals the artist's lyrical prowess and creative form. The energy of the track combines a classic era of HipHop with a modern club setting that represents raw and outspoken confidence. The vocals are the voice of a boss lady presence on a girls night out. From the dance floor to the car speakers you can bump this sound and expect to get an unreserved confidence and unfiltered fun.

This song leaves the listener feeling revved up and accentuates a storyline that rings truth in its cadence and delivery.

A brilliant hard hitting beat combined with a vocal performance that deserve to be played on repeat. If your turn up doesn't include this in the playlist, the party hasn't started yet.

Chris Padin

chris padin georgia rose losing my mind

Chris Padin - "Losing My Mind" Ft. Georgia Rose


" The pulsating vibes you need to get a party pumping, while feeling the feels. "

chris padin georgia rose losing my mind spotify


Chris Padin is an American DJ and EDM producer based out of New York with a track record of dishing out a pulsating vibe that can be felt in the heart of the house music scene. He has worked to capture the feeling of nostalgia while bringing life to any space filled with his stylized sound. Since 2018, Chris has implemented an ethereal vibe into his music releases that truly showcases an ear for quality, and collaborations that exhibit his eye for talent.

The movement and vibe of his music has garnered the attention of heavy hitters and major publications as of late, with past releases such as - " Hold Me Closer " , "Alpha" , and "Karma" . He is sure to continue his wave of bangers as traction builds among his dedicated fans, alongside, newcomers. At each release you can expect an energy to fill your ears sending the feeling and beat to your soul.

Chris is anticipating a major boom in preparation for his 2022 releases to come and will likely catch more ears as his sound shakes the airwaves with a distinction and groove that can capture the attention of party go-ers and music lovers alike.



This new track produced by Chris Padin features the lush sounding vocalist Georgia Rose in the duos' recent release available on all platforms. The energy of the song takes you on a trip through the mind of the vocalist blending the atmosphere created by the producer. One of the many things you can love about this track is its presence and the commercial production value. Not only can this be heard at a party or on the radio, but you can enjoy it just as much from the comfort of your own headphones, while experiencing everyday life.

What makes this a special collaboration is the commercial quality of the release, right behind the recent appearances of Georgia Rose on the BRAVO TV show, "Below Deck". [ Official Link ]

Spacey hypnotic vocals blended with the production give you a relatable message that can be felt by anyone that has experienced different levels of love and attraction within our relationship encounters. Even if you aren't looking for love , you have ' lost your mind ' if this track doesn't get you moving.

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